Private business law

competence1Construction – Arbitration – Private Procurements

  • Litigation in the field of decennial responsibility in building contracts
  • Managing public and private sector contracts and sub-contracting agreements (helping to conclude contracts, site complaints, implementing sureties and direct payment)
  • Arbitration proceedings applied to construction and procurement law

competence2Insurance law

  • Settlements and litigation in the field of civil liability insurance on behalf of builders (all site risks, works loss and ten-year liability policies), manufacturers (product liability and potential joint liability policies) and industrial building clients (machinery breakdown liability policies )
  • Litigation in the fields of corporate officer liability and professional liability
  • Civil, criminal and administrative litigation in the fields of labour law and occupational diseases (inexcusable fault)

competence3Industrial risks

  • Legal advice applied to prevention of product liability and serial claims in industrial contracts
  • Litigation in the field of industrial and technological risk (engineering, fire, electricity, IT, electronics, chemistry, quality control
  • Litigation in the field of financial damage subsequent to industrial risks

competence4Civil product liability

  • Drawing up of strategies for the introduction of products nationally and in the EU (Quality standards, Terms and Conditions)
  • Litigation in the field of suppliers and manufacturers’ liability (defective goods liability)
  • Hazardous and innovative products liability

competence5Agribusiness liability law

  • Civil and commercial litigation in cases involving defective agribusiness products
  • Criminal litigation in cases involving food and livestock fraud
  • Managing crisis strategies for preventive and subsequent withdrawal operations


competence6Medical and pharmaceutical liability law

  • Civil and administrative litigation the field of medical and pharmaceutical liability
  • Contract management for the introduction of innovative products
  • Litigation in the field of health and cosmetics
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