savoir-faireLitigation culture in selected fields

MOUREU & Partners law firm is exclusively involved in core subject matters which correspond to carefully short-listed fields of expertise.

Such empiricism contrasts with organisations which boast in their comprehensive coverage and places the firm at balance point between a narrowing hyper-specialisation and an inapt across-the-board approach.

Indifferent to the omnipresent tax-law trend, our primary vocation is to operate on the litigation field as well as to offer a tailored consultancy and contract management service.

This vocation revolves around 3 key poles:

  • Private business law
  • Public business law
  • Criminal labour and financial law

Within each of these poles, the firm deals with cases related to water, energy, steel, chemistry, engineering, construction, pollution, agribusiness, public health, medical and pharmaceutical matters, electronics applied to defence, public and private sector procurements, and criminal financial law.

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