Networks of Competence


MOUREU & Partners is the one and only representative of the EUROPEAN LAW FIRM in France (ELF). The ELF was created in 1989 to answer the growing demand in terms of legal advice across Europe and was the first juridical network to register with Brussels as an EEIG.

reseau2The ELF members are long established European law firms, chosen for their expertise and proved experience especially in cross boarder transactions. To date, the network is composed of 29 members and maintains strong links with lawyers worldwide.

Independent from any obligation of mutual exclusivity, the ELF offers a wide variety of quality legal services executed by professionals who make a point to deliver with a personal touch. Through three meetings a year, hosted each time in a different country by one of the member firms, the ELF enables privileged professional networking.

Moreover, the fee policy of the ELF is homogenous and transparent.

Finally, each firm member of the network employs lawyers who can communicate in the main European and Mediterranean languages.

In MOUREU & Partners, the representative and main contact is Xavier LEBRASSEUR.

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