Our values


MOUREU &s’Partners approach to litigation is based on sound, timeless values: meticulous analysis, common sense, pragmatism and a clear strategic approach to cases.

It puts these values into practice in a friendly, personal style, while offering rigorously impartial advice.

Convinced that large general law firms do not answer the specific needs of institutional clients, we are instead committed to bringing them:

  • Answers which they can not find within their own legal departments,
  • Skills specifically adapted to the matters at hand,
  • Permanent availability through individual assistance.

This is how MOUREU & Partners law firm differs from and opposes the “professionally correct” view, which many notorious law firms have adopted and which is characterised by:

  • The setting up of full-service mega-structures focusing on the size effect,
  • Insistence on tax-law expertise in spite of juridical expertise,
  • The pretence to a full coverage of every field of business law, nationally and abroad.

At MOUREU & Partner we thus hope to demonstrate our singularity around three key ideas:

  • The affirmation of the relevance of quality juridical counselling, which is the only place where the lawyer can specifically serve high level companies,
  • A rigorous selection of key law subjects to reach the quality level expected by this clientele,
  • Keeping a human-size firm, where service is delivered through a relationship based on trust, conviviality and a personal touch.
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